The Internet of Agreements® is the bridge between the Internet and the deals, contracts, rules and regulations that support our lives.

As the web has accelerated the spread of ideas, and e-commerce has changed how we buy and sell, IoA® will give us new ways to specify, manage, and execute agreements between people, businesses and governments. Built with blockchains, smart contracts and AI, IoA offers a vision for global supply chains and international commerce, facilitating trade that is free, fair and frictionless.

If you're new to IoA and want an introduction, we recommend starting with the Internet of Agreements paper presented at the World Government Summit in Dubai in 2017.




13–16 October
in London

First IoA Conference

Some of the brightest minds in finance, media, government, and technology came together to discuss the various implications blockchain technology will have on global supply chains and law.

Second IoA Conference

On 23rd February 2018, we will host the second Internet of Agreements conference. The subject of this conference will be Blockchains and World Trade. Speakers will address the question: Can blockchain grow the world economy?

23rd February 2018


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