9th April 2018

Mattereum panel at the Internet of Agreements conference

The Mattereum team introduce themselves, and talk about what Mattereum is trying to achieve. Transcript Rob: I’m just going to do a brief introduction, to give […]
9th April 2018

Law and Global Trade in the Era of Blockchain

The second Internet of Agreements conference brought together some of the best minds from areas of law, supply chain, and fintech to discuss the intersections of […]
3rd January 2018

Mattereum briefing

In this new blogpost we outline the vision for Mattereum – key infrastructure for the Internet of Agreements project. You can learn more about Mattereum on […]
25th December 2017

Jon Husband

On the change technology and decentralization bring to society and the way we think – the wirearchy principle. Transcript: Jason: I’m here with Jon Husband who […]
25th December 2017

Scott Nelson

On transforming the legal, financial and accounting aspects of supply chains using blockchains. Transcript: Jason: I’m speaking to Scott Nelson who is the Co-Founder of Sweetbridge […]
25th December 2017

Ian Grigg

On Ricardian contracts, smart contacts, identity solutions, the development of community around blockchain, permissioned versus unpermissioned blockchains, and more. Transcript: Jason: I am speaking to Ian […]
25th December 2017

Nimayi Dixit

On the impact of blockchain on fundraising and capital structures, trade finance and liquidity in supply chains, and the history and future of social, political and […]
25th December 2017

Peter Feltham

On cycles of computing revolution, the history of AI, how decentralisation transforms the management of assets and collaboration, universal basic income, how technology changes society, and […]
25th December 2017

Brett Scott

On money systems and their enforcement, taxation, the internet of things, the future of technology, and the balance between centralised and decentralised systems. Transcript: Jason: I […]