Internet of Agreements
Second Conference

The Second Internet of Agreements Conference

On 23rd February 2018, we will host the second Internet of Agreements™ conference. The subject of this conference will be Blockchains and World Trade. Speakers will address the question: Can blockchains grow the world economy?

  • The Internet of Agreements. International trade depends on making and enforcing agreements between counterparties in different jurisdictions. How can blockchains and smart contracts support easier creation of commercial agreements and resolution of disputes between businesses around the world?
  • Global trade after Brexit. As popular opinion turns against free trade areas, can smart statutes - digital simulation of cross-jurisdictional tariffs, standards and other regulatory requirements - enable automated compliance for the import and export of goods and cross-border delivery of services?
  • Liquidity in supply chains. How can blockchains and the tokenisation of supply chains lead to increased efficiency and liquidity in international trade?


We will be announcing the speakers, the schedule and opening of the registration process soon.
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