Internet of Agreements
Fourth Conference

The Fourth Internet of Agreements Conference

On the 21st June we will host the Internet of Agreements™ Fourth Conference, at which we will discuss the potential that blockchain offers for both finance and legal infrastructure for business in space.


The Fourth Conference will take on a distinctly celestial hue: the topic is space, in all of its aspects. From commercial satellite launches through to space tourism, asteroid mining, and even Mars exploration and eventual human settlement, the space industry has an almost limitless appetite for risk capital and technological innovation.

IoA IV will bring together leading thinkers in the space industry and the blockchain industry to meet, discuss ideas, and co-present a variety of proposals for cooperation between the up and coming providers of technical infrastructure to support innovation, on what many of us believe to be the most important human endeavour there is.

The conference is scheduled for 21st June and we are actively seeking help in preparing the most interesting possible series of events. We welcome all suggestions and proposals for speakers, events, workshops and participants to invite, particularly from the space industry.

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