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First Conference

The First Internet of Agreements Conference

The first Internet of Agreements® conference took place between 13th and 16th October in London. Some of the brightest minds in finance, media, government, and technology came together to discuss the various implications blockchain technology will have for global supply chains and law. Throughout the 'unconference', two hack days, and the formal conference, attendees learned about the new possibilities that blockchain technology opens up in their respective fields.

Below, you will find videos and transcripts of the talks and interview that took place at the conference. They will serve as refreshers for those who attended the conference and as a briefing for those who did not.

The success of the IoA project requires engagement from experts in business, law, media, technology, and government to contribute; similarly, these posts will do their bit to help propagate the vision of the Internet of Agreements.


25th December 2017

Vinay Gupta – Mattereum

The host of the conference and CEO of Mattereum talks about how to deal consistently with property and transfer of rights in smart contracts and in […]
24th December 2017

Legal Panel

A panel on dispute resolution and various topics at the intersection of law and blockchain technology.  The panel comprised some of the finest legal minds in […]
23rd December 2017

Michael Mainelli – Z/Yen

Michael is a co-founder of the Z/Yen, City of London’s leading commercial think-tank and venture firm. His talk was centred around 3 themes: the reason for his […]
22nd December 2017

Trent McConaghy – Sunny Day Tech, Rainy Day Law

The CTO of BigChainDB and Ocean Protocol Foundation gave a talk on how the everyday use of technology needs to be backed by a legal framework […]
21st December 2017

Imogen Heap – Mycelia

Imogen Heap gave a talk on her project called Mycelia and the impact blockchain technology can have on music. Imogen is an English singer and songwriter. […]
20th December 2017

Jeremy Silver – Blockchain and entrepreneurship

The CEO of the Digital Catapult and an entrepreneur specialising in digital media, big data, music and the creative industries talked about blockchain technology and enterpreneurship. […]
19th December 2017

Scott Nelson – Supply Chain Finance

During the talk Scott gave an overview of the work that Sweetbridge is doing to build an ecosystem for blockchain supply chain use cases. He argues that […]
18th December 2017

Stephen Diehl – Smart Contracts for New Entrepreneurs

The CTO Adjoint gave a technical talk about formal verification of smart contracts. Adjoint offers a smart contract platform and distributed ledger solutions designed to improve […]
17th December 2017

Christopher Brewster – Smart Contracts and the need for Semantics (and reasoning)

Christopher Brewster is the senior scientist in the Connected Business team of the TNO, Netherlands. His current research interest concern knowledge management; the role of structured […]
16th December 2017

Meng Wong – Computable contracts

Co-founder of Legalese and fellow at the Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society, gave a talk on the work he is doing with his project. […]
15th December 2017

David Roon – OpenLaw

David Roon from OpenLaw gave a talk about smart legally binding agreements. OpenLaw is a project which aims to all users to model legal agreements through […]
14th December 2017

Sally Holdway & Hugo Pickford-Wardle

Founders of Keyzee introduce their company and discuss the legal issues of transferring real property using blockchain.   You can find transcript of their talk below: […]
13th December 2017

Ian Grigg – Review of the conference

The inventor of Ricardian contracts and the Chief Scientist of Mattereum gave a good summary of the conference and commented on most of the discussed topics. […]


25th December 2017

Jon Husband

On the change technology and decentralization bring to society and the way we think – the wirearchy principle. Transcript: Jason: I’m here with Jon Husband who […]
25th December 2017

Scott Nelson

On transforming the legal, financial and accounting aspects of supply chains using blockchains. Transcript: Jason: I’m speaking to Scott Nelson who is the Co-Founder of Sweetbridge […]
25th December 2017

Ian Grigg

On Ricardian contracts, smart contacts, identity solutions, the development of community around blockchain, permissioned versus unpermissioned blockchains, and more. Transcript: Jason: I am speaking to Ian […]
25th December 2017

Nimayi Dixit

On the impact of blockchain on fundraising and capital structures, trade finance and liquidity in supply chains, and the history and future of social, political and […]
25th December 2017

Peter Feltham

On cycles of computing revolution, the history of AI, how decentralisation transforms the management of assets and collaboration, universal basic income, how technology changes society, and […]
25th December 2017

Brett Scott

On money systems and their enforcement, taxation, the internet of things, the future of technology, and the balance between centralised and decentralised systems. Transcript: Jason: I […]
25th December 2017

Quan Le & Man Rui Tang

On trust in international supply chains, smart bartering, and the shift from competition to collaboration in the supply chain. Transcript: Jason: I am here at the […]
25th December 2017

Stephen Diehl

On formal methods for the analysis of contractual obligations and workflows in order to relate smart contract code to the legal terms agreed between parties. Transcript: […]


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