Legal Panel

A panel on dispute resolution and various topics at the intersection of law and blockchain technology.

 The panel comprised some of the finest legal minds in the area of information technology and finance:

  • Christopher Wray, Mattereum’s Chief Legal Officer, a lawyer and mediator with experience in company law, intellectual property and legal project management, chaired the panel.
  • Adam Sanitt, Head of Disputes Knowledge at Norton Rose Fulbright.
  • Harriet Jones-Fenleigh, a litigation and dispute resolution lawyer based in London, specialising in cross-border commercial, banking, and finance litigation.
  • Clive Freedman, a barrister, arbitrator and mediator specialising in commercial law; his practice covers information technology, banking and engineering, to name a few.
  • Peter Susman, Q.C., a barrister and arbitrator specialising in contract litigation, especially in complex commercial and high technology areas.

Harriet and Adam gave a quick overview of smart contract dispute resolution and some scenarios that Norton Rose Fulbright has considered, and the panellists then covered various topics in dispute resolution, blockchain law, and liability for errors arising from smart contracts.

You can find the full transcript of the panel in the Medium post.