About IOA

The Internet of Agreements™ is a vision for global supply chains and logistics, integrating local law and regulations with the global economy, mediated by technology like the blockchain.

The future of finance, law and trade is being re-shaped by blockchains, AI and automated logistics. Smart contracts create new financial instruments and align incentives, automating paperwork and reducing transaction costs. New types of business are appearing across the world, built on code and data.

The Internet of Agreements™ is here. Join us to be part of the conversation!

What will you learn?

This conference is a chance to meet, discuss, and participate in the future of online commerce, finance and logistics. At the conference you will:

  • Learn how blockchain technology opens up new possibilities
  • See how smart contracts and smart law can enable trade
  • Understand the impact of decentralisation on business, society and the economy
  • Meet the startups bringing the technology to life


Trent McConaghy

Trent McConaghy

CTO, BigchainDB

Imogen Heap

Imogen Heap

Founder, Mycelia Project

Scott Nelson

Scott Nelson

Sweetbridge, Inc., Founder & CEO

Michael Mainelli

Michael Mainelli

Chairman, Z/Yen Group

Stephen Diehl

Stephen Diehl

CTO, Adjoint

Rob Knight

Rob Knight

Co-founder, Mattereum


Vinay Gupta is the founder of Hexayurt.Capital, a fund which invests in creating the Internet of Agreements. He was instrumental in creating the Dubai Blockchain Strategy, project managed the Ethereum blockchain platform release, and invented the hexayurt refugee shelter. His areas of expertise include disaster management, energy policy, and computer graphics.

Imogen Heap is a singer-songwriter, composer and multi-instrumentalist, and CEO of the Featured Artists Coalition. Her Mycelia project has brought together artists, technologists, businesspeople and innovators to re-imagine the relationships between artists and fans.

Vinay Gupta
Imogen Heap

Made in London

Already a centre of trade, media and communications, London has recently become a fintech centre and one of the world's leading blockchain hubs.

We will showcase London's blockchain ecosystem, building on a tradition of innovation in insurance, stock markets, law, and banking to create new systems that will shape the future.

The event will be hosted by Digital Catapult, London's centre for innovation in digital technologies.

Event FAQs

Tickets are available here.

The speaker lineup will be announced soon. Check back regularly for more details!
If you would like to discuss sponsorship opportunites, please contact enquiries@hexayurt.capital.


Digital Catapult
Hexayurt Capital
Mycelia for Music

If you would like to talk to us about sponsorship of the conference, please get in touch at enquiries@hexayurt.capital

For media enquiries, please contact enquiries@hexayurt.capital.

Event Location

Digital Catapult
101 Euston Rd
Kings Cross

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