Internet of Agreements
Third Conference

The Third Internet of Agreements Conference

On the 20th April we will host the Internet of Agreements™ Third Conference. The subject of this conference will be Blockchain and Identity.

Although the blockchain supports trade between untrusted parties for pure digital goods reasonably effectively, there is no reasonable way to have large scale anonymous trade in financial instruments, physical goods, or most services. Usually this is for two reasons: managing contingency, and regulation.

If you rent out your home to strangers, and they trash the place, it is important that these same people pay for the damages and are not rented a home again. That simple mechanism for encouraging good behaviour is difficult in the world of “self sovereign” identity systems, in which a person may generate a variety of names for themselves. Systems of third party attestation start to bind these abstract identities back to the physical world, but with all the hazards of handling personal data on a global scale, intersecting with local regulation jurisdiction by jurisdiction.

There is no denying that identity on the blockchain is a mess.

We will bring together the best and brightest identity innovators in the blockchain space for a full day’s discussions on the current state of the art, future directions, and the potential and actuality of collaboration. We know it is possible to interconnect the real world and the blockchain world in a way which serves the needs of both domains. We look forwards to exploring these topics together.

You can read more about identity on our blog: Vinay Gupta on a blockchain solution for identity.

Contact us if you want to speak at a panel or give a talk at the conference.


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