Reuben Thomas

20th April 2018

Jeremy Goodwin — SyncFab

The global supply chain is an estimated $75 trillion system, roughly two-thirds of the world’s GDP. The scale and complexity of the supply chain is difficult […]
19th April 2018

Panel — The economic impact of blockchain

The panelists were Jason Brink, of Data Blossom; Dan Bates, CEO of ImpactPPA; Matthew Schute, Communications Director of Holochain; Quan Le, CEO of Binkabi; and Richard […]
18th April 2018

Michael Mainelli — Z/Yen

Professor Michael Mainelli is Co-founder and Chairman of commercial think tank Z/Yen, Emeritus Gresham Professor at Gresham College in London, Alderman of the City of London, […]