Vishal Gupta – Diro Labs

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Vishal Gupta, Founder of Diro Labs, gave a presentation on the problems of digital identity and Diro Labs’ work in the area, then went into more depth in conversation with Mattereum CEO Vinay Gupta.


Vishal opened his talk with the claim that identity is the biggest problem in the blockchain industry, perhaps even in technology as a whole, followed by a rapid survey of attempts to tackle the problem, starting in the earliest days of the Internet. He highlighted the identity siloes that are currently operational and the alarming $6 trillion cybersecurity problem they have engendered. The rest of his talk consisted of a brief explanation of Diro’s framework as well as two useful diagrams of the limitations and tradeoffs of any identity system.


Vinay joined him in a conversation that covered a broad spectrum of identity considerations including more details on Diro’s identity application, which allows for secure identity via crowdsourced contact directories and social recovery of credentials and keys.