Rouven Heck – uPort

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Rouven Heck of uPort, one of the leading self-sovereign identity solutions in the Ethereum ecosystem, talked about uPort’s role within Ethereum accelerator Consensys, notable features of uPort’s identity solution for a public blockchain as well as its permissioned ledger interoperability, and how uPort acts as a secure interface with Ethereum smart contracts, with identity recovery mechanisms in the works.


Rouven was then joined by Vinay Gupta of Mattereum and Jason Law of Evernym. The panel discussion focused on the interoperability of self-sovereign identity solutions and fears of a “balkanized identity infrastructure” that could compromise the viability and rollout of self-sovereign identity systems. After highlighting the commonalities between uPort and Evernym in relation to decentralized identifiers (DIDs), Rouven and Jason mentioned how their respective projects are working together to establish DID standards within the W3C Credentials Community Group.